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Purchase Online

January 31st, 2014

Thank you very much for your interest in the Sanofi Blood Glucose Monitors.

We want to let you know that the web shop is closing: www.bgstarwebshop.com.au

BGStar and iBGStar are still available for online shopping through the different Diabetes State Branches below. Please follow the links:

WA - Diabeteshttp://shop.diabeteswa.com.au/#
NSW - Australian Diabetes Councilhttp://www.australiandiabetescouncil.com/
QLD - Diabetes Australiahttps://www.diabetesqld.org.au
VIC - Diabetes Australiahttp://www.diabetesvic.org.au
SA - Diabetes SAhttp://www.diabetessa.com.au

For any queries please contact iBGStar.AU@sanofi.com

Thank you !

The Sanofi Diabetes team

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