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iBGStar® Smart File

The easy way to transfer and display your application data to your computer

You said… You wanted to be more confident and independent living with diabetes. We listened

We have developed the Smart file in Australia and all the required and feasible updates can be implemented in a reasonably short period


What is the objective of the Smart file ?

The Smart file or the iBGStar macro is the great way to display and analyse your data transferred from your iBGStar® application to your computer. It is compatible with iBGStar® and the BGStar®.


What is it ?

The Smart file is a simple excel file. This is not an application or software therefore there is no need to install it or to have any specific system on your computer.

It should run in all versions of Excel for Windows from 2003 onwards regardless of the Windows version (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8). It will also run in Excel for Apple computers (Mac 2011).

This Smart file has been tested for accuracy but not yet broadly used. Therefore, minor errors could still occur under certain conditions

(i.e.: key to the colour codes used is not printed)


Where to find it ?


How to use it ?

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