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iBGStar® Diabetes Manager App

You said you wanted to be more independent, living with diabetes

You asked for a diabetes management tool that could fit in with your 21st century life. We listened, and designed the free iBGStar® Diabetes Manager App, accessed from your Apple iPhone® or iPod® touch, which you can use whenever, wherever you are.

Automated download of meter results

Simply connect your iBGStar to your iPhone or iPod touch, launch the device and app, and your blood glucose readings will immediately and automatically be transferred from your blood glucose meter to your app. Test results stored on the meter’s memory and visualised in charts of the iBGStar Diabetes Manager App can help you analyse trends and variations to proactively manage your diabetes, even on the go.


Intuitive user interface

Analyse blood sugar levels? Identify trends and fluctuations? With the iBGStar Diabetes Manager App, you can intuitively view your data in different ways. A tab bar with buttons runs along the bottom of the screen to help you easily navigate through the App.

  • Home” takes you to your scorecards
  • Add” allows you to add a new glucose reading
  • Data” provides three different data viewing options (Trend Chart, Logbook, Statistics)
  • Share” allows you to email the contents of your logbook
  • Info” provides access to settings and help


Each scorecard (or record) has three parts or “Tabs” of information.

  • Glucose Tab: records your blood glucose readings, which can either be synched via the iBGStar meter or manually entered.
  • Carbs Tab: allows you to record the number of carbohydrates consumed at a specified time.
  • Insulin Tab: allows you to record an insulin dose and type of insulin taken at specific time.

The date and time is displayed on all three tabs of the scorecard to help identify the data clearly. You can also add an unlimited number of pre-defined or custom notes to each of your scorecards (e.g. on exercise, diet, medication, etc.).


Interactive analyses

To help constantly keep your blood glucose levels under control, you can retrieve analysis tables and diagrams at the touch of a fingertip.


Trend Chart

An interactive tool that charts your historical glucose readings. The length of history viewed can easily be determined by you e.g., a day, a week, a month (there are many options) and for ease of display you can see the chart vertically or horizontally. Target range (white), Hyperglycaemia (yellow) and Hypoglycaemia (pink) readings are separately coloured for easy identification and at-a-glance trend observation.



A convenient way to review your specific glucose readings over multiple days. You can add new values, edit existing values or delete entire scorecards. The logbook is organised based on the mealtime tags and definitions that are set up in your App (Breakfast – Pre/Post; Lunch – Pre/Post; Dinner – Pre/Post; Night). Readings in the logbook are color-coded based on their value: white for values within the target range, pink for values below hypoglycemic limit and yellow for values above hyperglycemic limit.



This tool provides you with a summary of your results within a 7, 14, 30 or 90 day time period or a period of your preference. It displays averages, standard deviation and total tests for your glucose readings grouped by mealtimes.

  • Average provides you with the averages for a particular mealtime block.
  • Standard Deviation shows how consistent your readings are, with a lower standard deviation indicating tighter control of blood glucose.
  • Total Tests indicates the total number of tests within the selected time frame.

Flexible connectivity

Wherever you are simply share your results with your healthcare professional by email via your iPhone. Using the Timeframe buttons you choose the amount of data you want to include in the e-mail, and after tapping the compose button your Logbook is automatically included in the body of the e-mail.


In this way, the iBGStar® Diabetes Manager App can help you to make better–informed diabetes related decisions together. Even on the go.

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